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What you always wanted to know about Herberg Systems

How does About Cargo work?

About Cargo is a cloud-based internet application which predicts if a container vessel adheres to the time schedule and docks at the pier as planned. We use AIS position data and a mathematical algorithm for the purpose of predicting the schedule. The system calculates for every container vessel worldwide the estimated arrival time for the next 4-5 stops. We aim to make an updated prediction every 30 minutes.

Can I book vessels with About Cargo?

No, About Cargo is not a container booking platform. Nevertheless, we will make the function available for container booking platforms

Why are ships delayed?

Delays in shipping can have different reasons from bad weather, a hard state of the sea to occupied berths and unexpected maritime emergencies. Sometimes a busted crane or a defect tug can lastingly disorganize the time schedule.

Does About Cargo include information if a container is on board of a certain ship?

That is our goal. Our first step is calculating deviations in the time schedule and to notify if connecting transports cannot be arranged as planned. In the future, we will collect data if containers are on the ship so that delays can be analyzed.

Which harbors and lines are supported?

We will start with the seven biggest container lines and their operated terminals worldwide. Later we will add smaller lines and feeder services.

What is transshipment?

Cargo is not always transported directly from the port of loading to its port of destination. There are often in between stops at ports to transfer containers from one ship to another. Delays can happen when the first ship is not on time and the vessel misses the connection.

Why is the ETA an ETB in About Cargo?

Normally, arrival times in shipping are listed as “expected time of arrival” (ETA). ETA relates to the moment the sea passage ends or the pilot leaves the ship. A few hours can pass between the ETA and the moment the ship arrives at the berth (ETB). As About Cargo focuses on the cargo we estimate the ETB and not the ETA.

Can About Cargo cross-link with different systems?

Yes, the inter-connectivity is an important factor for About Cargo. Many companies use already at market implemented software or their own software solutions for managing their container shipping. About Cargo additionally offers all its functions via Machine to Machine interface. Thus, you can integrate time schedule data directly into your own IT-world. At this juncture, we use modern and easy to use standards (REST). Therefore, we ensure easy usability of About Cargo.

How will About Cargo send notifications in case of delays?

By request the system will send e-mails as soon as a delay for a certain harbor (even container) is estimated. We also plan to implement SMS messages and an integration with Slack. Moreover, you can check for alarms at the M2M interface.

Can I have a trial version of About Cargo?

Yes, there will be a test phase for registered customers. At the moment About Cargo is in the “greenhouse-phase” in which we do not ask for money. You can easily register via and start a trial.

How can I become an About Cargo Premium Member and what are my benefits?

Our premium members can help form the product while it is under developing. Also, you can integrate your own applications and systems via the M2M-Interface. You will have the chance to be a part of About Cargo right from the beginning and to use all of its functions for your own purposes.

Which languages are supported by About Cargo?

At the beginning, we will support English. We plan to add other languages like German, Spanish, and Chinese later on.

Does About Cargo work worldwide or is it only usable in Europe?

Shipping is a worldwide business, therefore, About Cargo can be used for all big container lines and their ports of call.

How long will About Cargo be for free?

As long as we stay in the Greenhouse-Phase, About Cargo will be for free. Afterwards, we will use an attractive and easy to understand monthly price model.

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